2006 FIFA Fan Fest

Client: FIFA

2006 FIFA Fan Fest is the mother of all public viewings events. It redefined the enthusiasm of the crowd for their favourite sport and therefore won the German Sports Marketing Award.

We are still getting goose bumps when we remember the 2006 FIFA Fan Fest euphoria in Germany. One of the highlights was the FIFA Fan Fest in all 12 World Cup host cities. 18 million excited fans followed the matches in front of giant screens. Fans from all over the world celebrated enthusiastically a unique summer fairytale. Franz Beckenbauer said about the Fan Fest in 2006: “This is how God imagined the world to be!”

In cooperation with FIFA one of the managing directors of our agency (when still working for a former employer) created the FIFA Fan Fest which still is UEFA’s and FIFA’s blueprint when it comes to undertaking a public viewing.

We are very proud that we have been operationally involved in all official public viewings of the UEFA and FIFA since 2006 – every two years and in all 56 cities.


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