Analysis Tool for Sponsoring

Instrument for Successful Sponsoring!

Our analysis tool offers specific and plausible answers for two essential questions concerning sponsoring:


Strategic selection: Identifying effective sponsoring platforms

– Which sponsoring platform is the right one for my company or my brand?

Strategic optimising: Evaluating sponsoring platforms and optimise them in an effective way

– Is my sponsoring strategy still right or how can it be up-dated and improved?

Beside the strategic analysis and optimising of sponsoring strategies we also organise the daily business e.g. evaluation and purchasing of rights, contractual arrangements, implementation of success monitoring and interface management of other communication instruments.


Example I: The engagement of the DZ Bank in equestrian sports was based on our sponsoring analysis, for which we compiled selection criteria in collaboration with the client. In effect the analysis offered a precise strategy recommendation.

Example II: When it came to the testimonial sponsorship of Coca-Cola several candidates were checked and selected by means of subjective and weighted criteria by intern-employees and external specialists (journalists, managers and officials).


Further Sponsoring Projects: