Coca-Cola Junior League

Client: Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Junior League has been the championship of the junior mass football of the Swiss Football Association under the auspices of Coca-Cola since 2003. With this sponsorship our client is supporting highly motivated young soccer talents. 250 teams in this league are fighting for the title “Swiss Champion”.

Starting in the 2006/2007 season we developed a communication concept that establishes the Coca-Cola sponsorship as well as the brands presence in the world of the teenage target group and makes it accessible to a wider range of public. Examples are:

  1. Activation and extension of the season’s highlight – the final – into a two-day Coca-Cola Football Festival with numerous visitors and a high media interest for the young football players.
  2. Initiating editorial support of the long-term media cooperation with the soccer magazines “rotweiss/hop Suisse” and “Eurosoccer”.
  3. Expansion of the sponsorship into social media channels including the setup of a video portal. Therefore, we record matches of the Coca-Cola Junior League every weekend of the season and upload goals and highlights onto the video portal. Please find further information about the social media project here:
  4. Integration of the sponsorship in football campaigns for the 2010/2014 FIFA World Cup and UEFA EURO 2012/2016/2018.

In 2018 this sponsorship of junior football was honored with the silver medal of The Swiss Sponsorship Award in the category “Sports Campaign”.


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