Sponsoring CityRunning Zurich

Client: Coca-Cola

10 years ago, it all began with a regular run of a group of people every Sunday

Now it’s an organisation with over 250 separate events each year: CityRunning Zurich. There are five weekly running groups who start at different meeting points all over Zurich. Trained guides lead the running crowd, which consists mainly of tourists and people who are new in town. The routes are passing by the different city districts so it’s a great way of getting to know Zurich and other runners.

We are responsible for Coca-Cola’s sponsoring of CityRunning with several activities throughout the year. This sponsorship blends in perfectly with Coca-Cola’s popular sport campaign “Get Active”, which is promoting an active lifestyle in every day life.

Another sponsoring project within the „Get Active“-campaign is the “Vaduzer Städlelauf” – a city running activity in Liechtenstein.


Further Sponsoring Projects: